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    Aug 2017

    Wedding traditions - Shoe Edition!


    Even today, many brides in the UK still adhere to the tradition of “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” although fewer adhere to the last bit of the rhyme “and a silver sixpence in her shoe”.  Over recent years, however, the tradition has begun to be revived as increasing numbers of engaged couples seek to combine long-standing traditions with modern preferences.  There are lots of traditions connected with wedding-related footwear and we’ve rounded up some of them.
    chinese slippers

    (Imperial) China - Girls created embroidered slippers to encourage suitors

    A marriage-maker would show off the shoes to possible grooms, who could get an idea of what the girl was like through the embroidery.  In addition to showing off her skill as a seamstress, the shoes also showed off her personality and social status.  If the groom liked what he saw, the marriage-maker would arrange a meeting.
    ornate clogs

    Marken (the Netherlands) - Grooms made their brides a pair of ornate clogs

    On the island of Marken, by contrast, it was the groom’s skills which were put to the test.  He had to make his bride a pair of shoes for their wedding day.  The effort put in to this showed how much he valued her and the quality showed his ability to take care of his future wife.

    Germany - Hochzeit-Schuhe (Wedding Shoes)

    Traditionally in Germany, girls started saving coins long before they were married and they used this money to buy their own wedding shoes.  The idea was to help girls develop their housekeeping skills by teaching them the importance of being thrifty and making savings.  It also reminded them of the importance of planning ahead.

    signing the brides shoes

    Turkey/Greece - Signing the soles of the bride’s shoes

    This provides a memento of the day and, according to various traditions, can help show who is going to get married next.  In Greece, the groom also buys the shoes for the bride, although he may get a little help in choosing them from her family and friends.  When the shoes are given to the bride, there should be money tucked in them and the money stays in even when she is wearing them.

    Portugal - The happy couple collect money in the bride’s shoes

    In Portugal, the bride takes off her shoes at the reception and the guests put money into them.  Traditionally this money was used to finance the honeymoon, which it still can be, but it can also just be used as a general contribution to starting a new life together.

    swedish traditions

    Nordic countries (especially Sweden) - Girls put a coin from each parent in their shoe

    Traditionally girls get a silver coin from their father to wear in their left shoe and a gold coin from their mother to wear in their right shoe.  This is to bring them future prosperity and to ensure that they always have the money they need to live happily throughout their lives.

    grooms shoes

    India - Stealing the groom’s shoes

    Footwear is a hugely important part of Indian weddings and it is traditional for the groom’s family to present the bride with a pair of silver slippers, which will have beautiful and ornate decoration.  The groom’s own shoes will also be spectacular and lavishly-embroidered.

    In some parts of India, there is a very popular wedding game in which the groom takes off his shoes after the wedding and the bride and her family try to steal them, while the groom and his family try to guard them.  This can get very creative, for example the groom’s family may come prepared with decoy shoes to distract the bride’s family.  If the bride’s family do manage to steal the groom’s shoes then the groom has to pay a ransom to get them back.


    21st century weddings

    Choosing footwear for a 21st century wedding is generally about finding stylish footwear, which also feels comfortable, after all, your wedding will be one of the biggest and best days of your life and it would be a real downer to spoil it all with sore feet.  Because of this, the range of wedding shoes has now expanded greatly and includes all kinds of options, from the traditional shoes Victorian brides would have worn with a silver sixpence in them, to wedding flip flops and barefoot sandals.personalised-white-wedding-slippers-for-guests



    This article was written by John from Poshh. John has been writing articles for over 10 years and is a commanding voice in the health and fitness community with his articles high in demand.

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    Jun 2017

    Holiday announcement!



    We are seeing a large amount of orders this year and are delighted to be involved with so many wonderful weddings.  However we are due to go away from the 30th June for 10 days (to attend a wedding abroad)

    We would just like to advise people to get their orders placed by Monday 26th to ensure your order can be completed and dispatched before we head off.

    We will be back and taking orders again by the 11th July.  But if you do place an order during this time there will be a slight delay until we can get these shipped out to you.

    If you have any urgent requests please feel free to drop us a message.

    Lots of Love,




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    Jun 2017

    What sizes should I order for my guests wedding flip flops?


    The good news is here at Fabelle-London we have done all the hard work for you!

    That’s right - no need to ask each guest to supply their foot size with their R.S.V.P!

    All of our party boxes, personalised and handmade crates come filled with the perfect ratio of Small, Medium and Large flip flops or slippers perfect for every guest to slip on and adore.

    We spent a lot of time researching our sizes and developing our flip flops and slippers to ensure that they will fit a variety of foot shapes and sizes. Our dual sizing system ensures that less sizes need to be purchased and each flip flop or slipper will fit a larger range of guests.

    We have a size guide here that outlines how each of our sizes translate in to UK, EU, USA and CM





    Each party box of 10 flip flops or slippers contains:

    2 x Small

    5x Medium

    3 x Large


    Each crate of 20 flip flops or slippers contains:

    4 x Small

    10 x Medium

    6 x Large


    Each crate of 30 flip flops contains:

    6 x Small

    15 x Medium

    9 x Large

    We are always able to amend some of the sizes if required, to allow you more small, or large sizes for example. However we feel that these sizes work for the majority of wedding parties.

    We pride ourselves in being able to cater to any wedding and going the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your order. So get in touch if there is something specific you require and we will always discuss the options with you to ensure you get the best service with your order.

    Lots of love



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    Apr 2017

    When should I order my Wedding flip flops and barefoot sandals?


    Each order is different and each customer is entitled to their own personal touches on their purchase.

    We try to ensure that all orders are completed, packaged and shipped out within 3  weeks, at the latest.

    Our personalised crates, handmade labels and freestanding signs are all handmade to order, by allowing up to 3 weeks for delivery this gives us enough time to hand-make and perfect each item.


    Our party boxes and our barefoot sandals are packaged, wrapped and shipped out the same day if ordered by 2pm or the next day if ordered later.



    All of our UK deliveries are shipped using a next day delivery service through interlink express, this means you will receive an hour time slot that suits your day and will receive text and email notification of when your parcel is likely to arrive. The delivery slot can be easily rearranged and amended to ensure that you don't miss your delivery!

    We are always happy to help and have rushed through last minute orders to ensure a desperate bride achieve her dream day.

    If you have any concerns about getting an order in time or have a specific request for a quicker turnaround, get in touch with us through the website and we will do our best to ensure you receive your order in time!

    Lots of love,



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    Mar 2017

    Fabelle-London's new product launch!


    We are very excited at Fabelle-London to announce the launch of our brand new range of chalk board crates!

    We have been testing out our new range for a while now and feel we have final perfected this technique.

    We have two new styles within this new range, personalised and write your own.


    Our personalised chalk board crates feature a pre-printed message to your guests, which can be custom printed specifically for you – in the same way as our traditional personalised range.  This can be anything from a little saying to a custom message from the bride and groom.

    write-your-own-message-crateWhilst our Write your own range, as described in the name, allows you to write your own message to your guests. The crate even comes with a little organza bag of chalk, so you can begin writing right away! The beauty of this option is that you can amend the saying to suit your needs; if you wanted to use the crate again after the big day then the message can be erased and a new one written.

    We are very proud of the new range and think they look great with all our wedding flip flops and slippers!

    We hope you like them as much as we do here!

    Lots of Love,



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