About Us

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Once Upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of owning her own brand, and designing the most beautiful shoes in all the land.

She worked hard learning all about shoes, and worked for many years designing for high-street retailers. Although she loved this job it wasn’t her dream.

After a long day spent at a wedding, wearing the most uncomfortable high heels, that hurt her and gave her blisters. A thought came to her ‘wouldn’t it be great if I had shoes that I could wear to dance in’ - That thought was where Fabelle-London began.

Working hard with a small factory she came up with affordable, comfortable and beautiful flip flop designs, which could be placed near the dance floor at any event or wedding. This had a profound effect on the guests at these events and soon she noticed more and more people getting up and dancing than she had ever seen before. The wedding flip flops were a hit!

It was a dream come true.

With everyone enjoying the wedding flip flops she turned her focus to the bride, surely the bride would want something more exclusive, more unique, more beautiful than the wedding flip flops the guests had been given. That was when she began designing her beautiful range of barefoot sandals. Designed to be worn with heels and on their own, these barefoot sandals were the envy of all the guests.

Fabelle-London has grown beyond that girl’s wildest dreams and she is now designing a wide range of wedding flip flops, shoes and accessories, from wellies to heels, to barefoot sandals.  For us it really is all about the little touches. All of our gorgeous wedding flip flops, barefoot sandals and slippers come beautifully packaged in our stunning boxes, ready to be adored by you as much as they are by us.

Fabelle-London always aspires to keep each style unique and exclusive. All weddings are personal and intimate occasions and we endeavour to help your personality shine through.  We offer a variety of tutorials and accessories to help customise your shoes for your special day, along with personalised packages on request, helping dreams become reality.

Let your fairy-tale come true.


Lots of Love Fabelle-London x